Awards and Reviews for 'Creciendo'


This book gives parents a good model for presenting those oftentimes difficult subjects to their preteen. The information is presented in a clear, succinct manner that is easy for both parent and child to grasp. There is a virtual arsenal of tactics that preteens can arm themselves with such as taking responsibility for their actions, choosing the right friends, etc. The book has an approach that lets kids begin to really think about the future and how their actions today can affect them in terms of lifestyle, earning potential, and quality of life. Most importantly, our testers found that the book resonated with their kids because it made its points quickly and was not preachy or overly dramatic. The book celebrates self-esteem and is well balanced for both boys and girls.  Seal of Approval (2010), The National Parenting Center

“It’s a general orientation of all the aspects of life, sexuality, orientation, and spending aspects of money.”    Judy Rodriguez, New York Public Library

"Creciendo will help understand some of the difficult adolescent times." Kendal, Teacher

 “I recommend any parent that have teens at home to read this book. I encourage teens to read it too.”     Vanessa Widener, Private Spanish teacher, Charleston

“It’s a good book, it has a lot of information. The author is not trying to change teens, he is simply giving them facts because most kids don’t realize what life is really all about.”                 Diana Perez, Mother of two, San Jose, California

“This book talks about all the tough issues teenagers deal with in a very straight forward manner.”    Andrew Powell, MBA Program Director, Wilderness therapy in Utah

“I found Creciendo to be a well-written guide for youth in today's culture.  The language seems to be accessible for teens and the topics cover a range of experiences facing young women and young men - from friendship, physical and mental development, various choices that need to be made (Do I smoke? ... Do I really want to 'go steady?), to individual chapters focusing on issues facing young woman and another geared to young men.” Rita Dolson, Librarian, New Mexico

"A very informative and contemporary manual for parents and
young adults on some difficult subjects." 
Ana Cuprill, Youth Services Librarian

El contenido del libro es excelente. El mismo prove información valiosa y explica a los lectores jóvenes cómo las decisions que se toman en el presente afectarán el desempeño future en la vida. El autor quiere explicar los emas de manera que los jóvenes cómo pueden entender. El libro trata de reforzar que aunque muchos quieren seguir o imitar a otros jóvenes también es importante saber a quién creer y con quién crear una amistad. Se sugiere que los jóvenes tengan una vision realista y al mismo tiempo práctica de todos los aspectos del crecimiento antes de decider cuáles sueños y aspiraciones desean segir.  Margaria Ortiz, Detroit Public Library


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