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"As parents we make choices for our children on a daily basis.  We want them to grow up with common sense, strong values and a good sense of self.  Here is a book designed as a self-help guide for early teens and up.  It is filled with real-life scenarios and propositions that require them to think use reasoning and ultimately choose a course of action.  Raising Yourself is a very proactive book that is designed to get in the faces of teens.  Parents thought the issues, which include friends, sex, jobs and much more, were thought provoking and appropriate.”

The National Parenting Center


  "I wish someone had given me a book like this when I was a teenager and I've even learned some valuable tips from reading it 20 years late. This book would make an excellent textbook. I'm pretty sure this book would open communication between parents and teenagers if read by both and then discussed.", Top 10 Reviewer


The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association recognizes Raising Yourself: Making the Right Choices as the "Best Self-Help/Adolescent Guide" of the 2002 BAIPA Book Award Program

"This book takes a common-sense approach to the difficult issues that teens face in growing up. I only wish it had been available when my son was of an age where it might have done him some good."  Pete Masterson, President (BAIPA)


What people are saying about the book:

“Raising Yourself: Making the Right Choices”...

Helpful not only for teens or preteens but also for parents of that age group. It is highly recommended reading.

Mac McKinnon, Times Publisher, The Fort Morgan Times


This is a non-preachy, very realistic look at decision-making for teenagers - about values, family relationships, money issues and the lifelong consequences of staying on-track in school. Specific topics like dating, substance abuse and early parenthood are discussed in practical terms. This book is a winner for parents wondering how to talk to their children about issues of vital importance - they can first read it themselves, and then pass it along to their offspring. "It really is your life, and what you decide to make of it is your choice," is Pendharkar's theme - scary but more manageable, with the help of this readable guidebook.

Carolyn Barnes, Los Altos Town Crier


“Tackles a variety of teen challenges and offers suggestions for making sound, affirmative decisions.”

Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)


A treasure! A must have for all parents who want their children to learn the benefits of self-reliance.

Beth Wilson Saveedra, author of Creating Balance in Your Child’s Life


If you wish to succeed, you need to care. And if you care, you will read this book.

Matthew M. Beninger, Public Safety Office, City of Sunnyvale


For teens, it’s a very good “tool” for their life. It helps to make good decisions. The book gives answers for many questions that the teens want to ask their parents.

Rey Pascal, Teacher, Papeete – Tahiti


It is a very useful book, because it can help anybody to make the right decisions about their life, and their future. This book shows any teenager what path to take, to have a good and a safe life.

  Angel Garcia, Age 16, Student


I think “Raising Yourself” is really good for any teenager - even if they are getting good grades - because you need to know all the possibilities. It only takes one time to get pregnant.

Gina Hernandez, 15, Student


This book is helpful and well organized. The short chapters are very straightforward and easy to understand. It is very useful to include the chapter about “What It Costs to Live on Your Own.” This chapter I found to be very comprehensive and easy to understand. The way the author explains how much it would cost to live on your own is especially important for people who have never thought about such things.

The following chapter, “What You Should Do, When and Why,” is also effective in planning out ones life and what should be accomplished by certain ages. Very effective is the way the author couples bad decisions and things that will derail one from the three phases and impede on ones development.

 “Distractions in the Teen Phase” is also effective, especially in regards to teenage smoking. Including the sections about the 41 year old who was diagnosed with emphysema is good in giving the reader a reality check. Hearing about this case made me think seriously about the harmful effects of smoking and doing drugs.

Vikrant Pathania, age 18, Student


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