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Choices teenagers make today determine where they will stand on tomorrow's global playing field. Wise decisions made early help guarantee success. Raising Yourself: Making the Right Choices provides simple, time-tested guidelines teens can rely on to realize their greatest potential.

 “As parents we make choices for our children on a daily basis. We want them to grow up with common sense, strong values and a good sense of self....Parents thought the issues, which include friends, sex, jobs and much more, were thought provoking and appropriate."

Seal of Approval, The National Parenting Center


"In the Peers section, Sumant Pendharkar explains the good, bad and the ugly aspects. His section on how to choose friends is excellent.

 I wish someone had given me a book like this when I was a teenager and I've even learned some valuable tips from reading it 20 years late. This book would make an excellent textbook. I'm pretty sure this book would open communication between parents and teenagers if read by both and then discussed.", Top 10 Reviewer


"The message for teens is to take responsibility for their own lives and realize that the choices one makes at 16 will profoundly impact life at 17, 27, 37, and so on...a valid message to take to heart."

School Library Journal 





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